Welcome! The purpose of this first bible study is to explore God’s heart for humanity and decide to build  a relationship with Him.  Before you begin, take a moment to imagine what God is like.  What does he look like?  What is his mood?  How does he act toward people?

The Relentless Love of God

Start by reading Luke 15:1-24.  Take your time and try to really imagine the picture that Jesus is painting in these three stories.  Look for deeper meaning.


Reflect on these questions:

In each of these three parables, a different character represents God.  Can you identify God in each story?


Amazingly, you are also in each of these stories.  Who do you think you are represented by in each parable?


What do you think Jesus’ parables teach us about God’s heart for people?  How different is Jesus’ picture of God from yours?


How does it make you feel to know that God is relentlessly searching for people and filled with joy when he finds them?



Watch this video that talks about Luke 15:

How To Find God

Next, read Matthew 6:33.  This passage from the Sermon on the Mount gives us an idea of how we can respond to God seeking after us by seeking after him:


In context (verses 25-34), Jesus is teaching his followers to not even worry about their most basic needs but to focus on seeking God.  What worries and anxieties do you currently face?


We are told to seek “first”.  What do you think putting God first looks like in a Christian’s life?


“The kingdom” of God is made up of the people who recognize Jesus as king.  How (or where) can you seek first the kingdom on earth?


“His righteousness” is found in the scriptures.  How could you seek his righteousness first?



Take some time to think and pray about the following questions and write out a response that you can share with your bible study partner:

Can you see any ways that God might be searching for you in your life?


How does seeing the unfailing love of God make you want to respond?


God is actively seeking a relationship with you.  Will you seek him by putting him first?


What changes will you need to make?  How will your life be different with God as the priority?


That’s it for day one.  You just studied the word of God!  Take a moment to talk to God (pray) about what you learned and how you feel.  In tomorrow’s bible study we’ll look at how God has given us the gift of his word.

Go With God: Falling in Love with God


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