The Problem Is Sin

Whoa! Not so fast.

Before we can talk about how good salvation is, we need to talk about something so bad that we need to be saved from it.

The bible word for this is sin.

Sin is a word that you mostly hear in churches or when you read the bible and most people don’t really know what it means. What do you think it means to sin?

Ok, I’ll tell you. The Hebrew and Greek (biblical languages) words for sin share similar meanings. Hamartia in the Greek was an archery term that meant to “miss the mark” or not hit the bullseye. In Christianity, the mark or bullseye we’re shooting for is Jesus. So, anytime we’re not like Jesus, we sin. Or in other words, we sin a lot. 

Even though we were created in God’s image and have the potential to be like God, we often make choices that gratify ourselves instead of glorifying God. Sin.

But what’s so bad about sin that we need saving?