Taking The Cross Personally

Usually, it’s good advice to not take things too personally but that doesn’t apply to the cross that Jesus died upon.

Read the following passages about Jesus while keeping these two things in mind:

1- The person of Jesus who you’ve been reading about in Luke: He isn’t just some historical figure. He lived and breathed just like you and decided to die for the sins of the world.

2- Your sinfulness: He didn’t just die for the sins of the world. He died for your sins that you’ve just looked at in the scriptures. He died for you because of all the ways that you missed the mark of Godliness.

These passages are longer so take your time and soak them in. Some context is provided to help you fully digest these scriptures about your sin and God’s response:

Isaiah 52:13-53-12 – Written 700 years before Jesus but amazingly and heartbreakingly describes the crucifixion of the suffering servant to come.

Psalm 22 – Written by David 1000 years before Jesus; before crucifixion had even been invented. Yet, the descriptions of the emotional and physical anguish of the crucifixion of David’s descendant Jesus are hard to miss.

Matthew chapters 26-28 – now read the first hand account of the death and resurrection of Jesus with the ancient prophecies of Isaiah and David in mind. It has always been God’s plan to send his son to die for your sin so you could live for him.

Romans 5:6-8 – Paul helps us see the big picture of God’s plan. Jesus didn’t die for us because we started to reform our characters – he died for his enemies. (Us!)

2 Corinthians 5:14-21 – This passage will be central to your next discussion with your bible study partner.

Answer the following questions in your Field Guide:

  • How does seeing your sin and seeing the cross from these scriptures make you feel?

  • How do you think Jesus felt as he decided to die for the sins of the world, knowing that many people would never understand or appreciate his sacrifice?

  • How does the cross inspire you to change? What do you want to do because of Jesus’ death for you?

That last question leads us to the next part of the gospel: Our Response.