Putting It All Together: Baptism - Being United With Christ

In our study of biblical salvation, we’ve seen that (1) the thing we need to be saved from is our sin. (2) Jesus died on the cross so that our sin could be forgiven. (3) We must respond to his death with repentance (changing our lives to live for him). But we still haven’t seen a clear biblical message that tells us how to become saved.

The last brushstroke of the salvation picture painted by the scriptures is baptism. Sin, the cross, and repentance make sense to most people but for some reason baptism can often be a stumbling block. Let’s look at what the bible says about baptism so we can stand on solid ground and not get tripped up!

Baptism means “immersion” in Greek. There could be circumstances where it is not possible to immerse (dunk!) someone but  immersion is the normal (standard) method of baptism. 

Still, what does dunking someone under water have to do with salvation?

Let’s go to the very first church service and the very first salvation message ever preached to get our answer!