Have A Confidence Building Conversation

It’s hard to grasp just how much you’ve learned and changed over the course of these bible studies, but we’re gonna give it a shot anyway!

Meet up with your bible study partner and use the following template to review what you’ve learned and how you’ve changed. The goal is for you to be completely confident in your commitment to follow Christ (Go With God!). Confidence only comes with real honesty. So, get it all out there, ask tough questions, and listen to your bible study partner with humility!

Be sure to take great notes in your field guide and to review all of the pages and questions from prior weeks. The notes and reflections in your Field Guide will become an invaluable tool for you to use to teach the gospel to others who want to Go With God!


Walk With God

  • What impressed you the most about Jesus from your devotional times in Luke?
    • Do you have any questions from what you read?
    • What will you SOAP next? (The book of Acts or the scriptures in our Walk follow up study booklet are great next steps.)
  • How has your prayer life grown over the course of these studies? In what ways would you like to grow your conversations with God?


  • What does seeking God with a whole heart look like in your life?
  • What does it mean to have the bible as your standard?
  • What things did Jesus expect from his followers? 


  • What are some of the consequences of sin?
  • What sins do you continue to struggle with? (Remember, we’re not going to be perfect, we just need to be honest)
  • What was God’s response to our sinfulness through Jesus?
  • What is our response to Jesus’ saving work?
  • Humbly discuss your next step with your bible study partner so you can be confident in your salvation: Do you need to be baptized, re-baptized, restored to faith, or added to the church?


  • Has your picture of church changed because of these bible studies or your experience with our church? What is different?
  • What parts of the kingdom life are you excited about? 
  • Who have you begin to build a relationship with? Who are you looking forward to getting deeper with? (Your bible study partner may have suggestions.)
  • Do you have any questions about our church?

Counting The Cost

  • Are you ready to take the plunge and Go With God?
    • Discuss next steps for salvation/membership.
  • Get set up with our next bible study series. (Walk or Grow)
  • Get set up with a house church and a discipling partner.
  • Is there anyone in your life right now that might be helped by these bible studies?

End your time by each taking a turn to pray and setting up a time of prayer and fasting before baptism/membership or just go right ahead and get baptized! (Acts 9:9, Acts 8:36)