Luke 15:1-7, John 15:12-17

If you had a resume like Jesus, how would you come across to people? What would your demeanor be?

One of the most amazing things about Jesus was that despite being so perfect and powerful, he was a great friend. Especially if you weren’t so powerful or perfect yourself. Instead of looking down on people and excluding them like the religious leaders (who thought they had the best resumes), Jesus was mocked as “a friend of sinners.” If someone’s going to call you a name that’s not so bad!

In Luke 15, Jesus tells the religious leaders (who think they know God) what God is really like. He’s like a shepherd who’s willing to leave his flock just to go after one lost, stinky, dumb sheep. He loves his sheep so much he even throws a party! That’s not just a picture of our Heavenly Father, that’s a picture of how Jesus lived his life on earth.

He could have walked the earth anyway he wanted but he chose to do his ministry with 12 disciples (students). In John 15, he made sure, during their last meal together that they knew that this wasn’t just a master/student relationship. They were his friends. He loved them and they should be friends and love one another too.