Read Hebrews 10:23-25

Context time! (Remember context is key to correctly handling the word of God.)

The book of Hebrews is written to help Christians stay faithful. This passage and the next will help us see how relationships in the church help us to not only become Christians but to finish strong. Or as the Hebrew writer puts it, to “hold fast to the confession of our hope without wavering.

Wavering or swerving, as other translations say, remind us of a student driver lacking confidence, gripping the wheel in fear, and uncertain about how to get where they’re going. Nobody wants their Christian walk to be anything like that! Relationships are the key to gaining confidence and keeping your ride on the road (the narrow road, that is)! Two keys from this passage:

  • “Consider how to stir one another up…” Relationships in the kingdom need to be intentional. Outside of church we gravitate toward easy relationships with people who are a lot like us. The mark of the kingdom is deep relationships with all kinds of people. This won’t happen without doing the work of “considering how to stir.” We have to pray for one another and go into meetings of the body ready to help one another grow in love and good works.
  • “Not neglecting to meet together…” Speaking of meetings of the body, we are commanded by scripture to not neglect church gatherings. Even in biblical times people would fall into the dangerous habit of not prioritizing the meetings of the body and they would miss out on the encouragement that they need to stay faithful until the end. Unfortunately, today there are still people who falsely think they will see God’s tomorrow while being disconnected to the church. When the body of Christ meets (whether it’s Sunday morning, a small group, or a special event) it’s crucial for all of the members to be there!
The meetings of the body are an amazing gift of fellowship but there’s another relational gift that we’ve been given to help us stay faithful as Christ followers: Discipling.