Welcome to our introductory Bible study series!  The goal of these studies is to help every person make the decision to go with the God of the bible by becoming saved followers of Jesus Christ.

Are you ready to go with God?


The Study Series

We study the bible – not opinions or traditions.  Many people have gone to churches their whole lives but never really read the bible for themselves.  That’s about to change!  The bible is an amazing compilation of 66 books written by more than 40 different people over the course of thousands of years.  You can begin to see God’s hand in it when you think that such a diverse book has been put together to create one amazing story of salvation.

These bible studies are organized in weeks, usually a few per week, but there’s no rush.  When you finish the studies for the week, it’s time to meet up with a bible study partner in the church (usually the person who invited you) and talk about what you’ve learned by talking through the questions at the end of each study and in your field guide.

The topics and scriptures of this set of bible studies have been selected to give you a biblical picture of what it means to follow Jesus, receive salvation, and participate in church life.  This is the basics, but probably not like you’ve ever heard them before.

Week 1 – Learning To Love God

Week 2 – Jesus

Week 3 – Biblical Salvation

Week 4 – Church Life

These studies typically end with baptism or church membership which is the very beginning of life with God (a life that will never end).  But this is only the beginning.  Check out the other studies we offer to accelerate the growth of your new faith:

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