Help For The Journey

Not so fast!

Before you begin your self examination, we’d like to make sure you have everything you need for the journey so please make sure you have these three important resources:

A Bible

This is obviously the most important resource of all. While it’s totally fine to use a bible app on your phone (search You Version in your app store), there’s something special about holding a physical copy of God’s word in your hand. We’re not just trying to be old fashioned. It seriously makes a difference and we’d like to give you a bible for free. So grab one the next time you are at church! 

By the way, there are many great translations of the bible but we use the readable and accurate English Standard Version (ESV) if you are looking for your own bible or wondering which version to read on your phone.

A Bible Study Partner 

Just as we look for trusted mechanics for tune ups and trusted doctors for check ups, we need a trustworthy guide for this spiritual journey. You probably already have a bible study partner who has been going with God ahead of you (i.e. the person who asked you to do these bible studies). But if you don’t, we’d love to get you connected. You can ask someone to walk with you through these studies at our next worship service or you can let us know you that you’d like to connect with a bible study partner in your area on the next page.

After each study you’ll be prompted to meet up with your bible study partner to talk about what you’ve learned, how you want to change, get encouragement, and pray. You’re not just building a relationship with God, you’re building a relationship with his church. Studying the bible with someone is the best way to do that!

Go With God Field Guide 

Sure, you can take notes in any old journal but the Go With God Field Guide is our gift to you. It includes spaces for answering questions, journaling, and reflecting on the bible studies. You’ll use these notes after each study when you meet up with your bible study partner. Also, when you’ve finished the Go With God study series you’ll have all of your notes so you can be someone else’s bible study partner. (That’s so cool!)

Pick up a field guide for free the next time you’re at church! Or you can purchase one online here.

Even if you’re missing some of these resources you can still complete this first bible study. We’ll get you outfitted for the journey at our next service!