Read John 8:30-32

Subtitles, Verse Numbers, and Red Letters, Oh My!

In this passage you had to read through a subtitle. Awkward!

You should know that the chapter and verse numbers, subtitles, red letter words of Jesus, and notes (if you are reading a study bible) have all been added in to make the bible more readable and navigable.

And now that you know that, let’s jump into these verses with some questions for your Field Guide:

  • Who is Jesus talking to? (This is a context question – so important!)
  • Is belief enough or is the bible’s standard something more?
  • To truly be his disciples and experience freedom (salvation) what are we to do? (see James 1:22 for more on this)
  • What are some practices or daily activities that you could do to help you “abide in his word?”

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a Christian who died opposing Nazism in Germany, wrote about the difference between “cheap grace” and “costly grace”. We should avoid cheap grace because although it is a free gift to us, it cost Jesus everything. Priceless!

It could be said that Christianity today suffers from “easy believism.” There is a big focus on getting people to believe in Jesus in their hearts and minds (emotion and doctrine) and less focus on actually living out those beliefs (life). Here, Jesus tells us that true belief isn’t easy. True belief holds to the teachings Jesus in the bible and makes us disciples of Jesus Christ.