Read Matthew 28:18-20

Last words count.

You may have only had to turn one page in your bible, but we just jumped from the very beginning of Jesus’ ministry to the very end, after the resurrection. Here’s something amazing: From start to finish and everything in between, Jesus’ message to his disciples is the same. (See also Luke 19:10)

This final message carries a lot of weight. He begins with the ultimate, “Listen up!” All authority in heaven and on earth is now his. If that doesn’t get your attention, what will!

So, what does Jesus want us to do while he reigns in heaven and we live as his disciples on the earth?

Go and make disciples. Be fishers of men. Seek and save the lost. 

Here’s a hard but essential truth: A disciple that’s not on the mission, is not a disciple. Disciples of Jesus make more disciples.

Now, before you close your browser and tear up your field notes, remember that Jesus said he would “make” his followers into fishers of men. That’s encouraging! Few are naturally adept at making disciples and that’s okay. We all just need to be willing to enter the Jesus school of discipleship so he can mold us. We simply need to commit to following the teacher!

Furthermore, we all make disciples in our own way because God has made us all different. You’ve been created and placed right where you are in order to impact people in the way that only you can through the power of the gospel! (Acts 17:26-27)

Although we all “go and make” in our own way, there are some essentials to our shared mission. Taking Field Notes, see what you can glean from the rest of this passage known as The Great Commission:

  • We are to go and make disciples “of all nations.” How can we do that in our local area? What should churches (the people) look like if Jesus’ command is followed?
  • After a person becomes a disciple (commits to follow Jesus) what are they commanded to do next? 
  • Baptism is only the very beginning. Our walk with Jesus as his disciples is a lifetime journey of learning to obey his teaching. How is learning to obey more challenging than simply learning?
  • The passage ends with one of the greatest promises in the whole bible. Jesus promises to be with us always. How is that possible? What do you think it’s like to have his constant presence?