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Starting Point Studies

Where you start matters. Especially if you are starting (or re-starting) the journey of a personal relationship with God. These bible studies are a beginning but they are by no means basic. The scriptures, heart questions, and discipleship times will challenge even the most “churched” among us.

Be sure to pick up the Go With God Field Guide that accompanies this five week bible study.

Next Steps

These bible studies are to strengthen and encourage new Christians and new members.

Additional Resources

Are you ready to journey into leading and teaching others? These resources are a great place to start!

Be sure to pick up a free copy of the Go With God Field Guide that accompanies our starting point bible studies. The field guide is a journal with prompts that supplement the online studies and times with your bible study partner. This personal booklet will become a treasure of wisdom that you can use to share the gospel with your friends upon completion.

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Visit Our Church

We're a non-denominational church of Christ followers living with first century faith in the 21st century. When you Go With God you can't go it alone so come check us out! We'd love to help you find a bible study partner for the journey. You can grab a sneak peak at or but there's nothing like being with the body on Sunday morning, at a special event or in one of our house churches. All are welcome!

Caution! These Bible Studies Will Your Life!

"I grew up going to church my whole life but I'd never really studied what the bible said about following Jesus. Now I see everything differently."
Alex B.