To Equip The Saints...

Check out these resources that can help every member in your church Go With God:

Making Disciples

The Go With God Field Guide accompanies the Starting Point Studies at Use this resource to:

  • Journal your bible study experience
  • Go deeper with challenging questions
  • Have meaningful conversations with your bible study partner
  • And share the gospel with your friends

These five bible studies will challenge you to your core and you’ll never look at Christianity the same way again – but only if you are open to seeing God’s word through Old School eyes. As a restoration church and ministry, we desire to restore Christianity to the way it was in the bible by living as authentic followers of Jesus. 

“Come, follow me.” What if we could strip away all of the tradition and religion that builds up in our hearts and just focus on this simple three word command? Get ready to build a solid foundation in the essentials:

  • Conviction: What do I need to believe to follow Jesus?
  • Conversion: How do I become a follower of Jesus?
  • Commitment: How can I stay faithful forever? 

Strengthening New Believers

“Walk by the Spirit.” Is your relationship with God based on what you know or who you know? This study series is a self guided training manual for disciples who want to connect with God and walk by the Spirit. New Christians and those looking to refresh their relationship with God will journey closer to God than ever before by: 

  • Learning how to read the bible like an ancient Christian
  • Taking great notes through 50 devotional times
  • Making connections between the Old and New Testaments
  • Meeting up for guided lessons with a discipleship partner for encouragement

This is a great resource to buy in bulk and give away to new members in your church! 

 “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly.” Becoming a Christian is like being married to Jesus. Often, we focus so much on getting to the wedding (falling in love with God, studying the bible, repenting, etc…) and the wedding ceremony (baptism) that we don’t know what to do when the honeymoon is over. The honeymoon doesn’t have to end if we focus on filling up with God and growing our character to be like Christ. These studies are a boost to anyone who seeks to grow in Christ.

    Leadership Training

    “Be shepherds of God’s flock” Are you ready to answer the call of leadership in the church? This bible study workbook parallels the Follow Study Series (above) but looks at each subject through the lens of leading others. This is a discipleship bootcamp for potential leaders. Great resources for house church and ministry leadership.