Kingdom Life

You’ve made it to week 4! It probably hasn’t always been easy to look at your life and the truth of the scriptures but surely it’s been worthwhile.

“In him you also are being built together into a dwelling place for God by the Spirit.” – Ephesians 2:22

This week’s study has one aim: to show you what life in the kingdom of God is like. This isn’t just adding some religion to your life. Becoming a true Christian is a whole new life. It’s a change of allegiance from the kingdom we’ve been building with our self as the ruler, to the Kingdom of God with Jesus on the throne of our lives. 

If we have a whole new ruler, then we should expect the kingdom life to be quite different from our old lives. You’ll soon be amazed at just how different kingdom life is and how great God’s plans are for those who commit to building a community where Christ is king (the church!).

But first let’s review your journey so far:

  • You took your first steps by identifying where your starting point was. Looking back, can you see how far you’ve come after just a few bible studies?
  • You decided to seek God even though it’s a narrow road. (He decided to make himself available to all who seek!)
  • You made the word of God the standard by which you’ll live and started “SOAPing” it for yourself.
  • You learned what it means to be a disciple of Jesus and committed to follow him.
  • You learned about the deadly consequences of sin and got open about the sin in your life that has separated you from God.
  • You saw God’s passionate response to your sin on the cross.
  • You learned that a faithful response to the cross is repentance and baptism that leads to new life in Christ.
  • You’ve had life changing discussions about God with your bible study partner.
Whew! That’s a lot of learning! You really are becoming a disciple!

But you’re not done – it just keeps getting better: Now we get to see what the bible says new life in Christ looks like.

Before you begin, use your Field Guide to write down any questions you have from the studies you’ve done or from reading Luke.