Which Road Have You Been On?

How many roads did Jesus say there were in the last scripture you read from Matthew?

Only two! A wide road and a narrow road. When people get asked which road they are on, many like to make up a middle road, but Jesus doesn’t give us that option. 

So, which road do you think you are on? Be humble and honest. What matters most is that you are trying to get on the narrow road. 

In the grand scheme of things this isn’t just a pop quiz question. Being on the narrow road is a part of the final exam!

Have you ever gone hiking in the wilderness? 

It’s ok if you’re a city slicker, you just need to know that there are two very important things you must do before you set out on a journey:

1) Figure out where you are starting

2) Take inventory of what you are bringing with you

Good News! This first bible study is designed to get you ready to Go With God by figuring out both of these essentials for your journey.

Oh, and we’ll help you find a partner for the journey if you don’t have one because no on goes with God alone!