Read Mark 1:14-20

What’s a good place to begin a bible study about discipleship? 

The calling of the very first disciples seems like the perfect place to start!

Jesus comes preaching the gospel/good news. Spoiler Alert! Next week’s bible studies will be all about the gospel. For now, here’s the briefest breakdown of this one verse gospel message in Mark 1:15:

  • The coming of Jesus is the beginning of a new era for humanity – “The time is fulfilled”
  • He came to start an eternal kingdom and to reign as it’s king
  • To be a part of this eternal kingdom we must repent (change our lives) and believe the good news of Jesus

Walking along the Sea of Galilee, Jesus calls Simon (Peter), his brother Andrew, and the brothers James and John.

Write down the answers to these questions in your Field Notes:

  • What did it mean for the first disciples to follow Jesus? What should it look like for his disciples today? Have we been given a different standard?
  • Jesus wants to make his disciples into “fishers of men.” What does that mean? How would that change your life?
  • The call of Christ gives these men a whole new life mission. What have you been living for? How will that change if you decide to follow Jesus?
  • Notice their eagerness and excitement. How do you feel about following Jesus and fishing for people? How will you begin?

These men were not the best of the best (Acts 4:13). Their age and profession tells us that they had not been selected by any other rabbis. Their fathers and grandfathers were fishermen and that’s what they would be.

But Jesus changes all of that. He believes in them before they ever believe in him. And when they agree to follow Jesus their whole life changes. Our experience should be no different!