Read 1 Timothy 4:16

Hey context all star! Now that you know the context of 2 Timothy, you also know the context of this verse. Look at you knowing stuff about the bible – impressive!

In this verse Paul warns Timothy to keep a close watch on two things: himself and his teaching. Other versions use the words life and doctrine. Life is how we live our lives (behaviors and actions). Doctrine or teaching is what we believe. These go hand in hand but most people unknowingly emphasize one over the other.  Here are some questions for your Field Guide:

  • If you had to choose between what you believe and how you live, what would you say is more important?

  • Can you think of a general example of someone with a good life but the wrong doctrine? Is that a saving faith?

  • On the other hand, can you think of someone who might have the right teaching but doesn’t live it out? Will that lead to life with God?

  • Do you know if your life is in line with God’s word? 

  • What about your beliefs?

  • How can you become more certain?

Ultimately, this passage teaches us that keeping our lives and our teaching on the right path is no easy task. When Paul warns Timothy, saying, “keep a close watch” and “persist”, we should see that the task before us is great.  But the reward is even greater! Keeping your life and doctrine leads to salvation, not just for you, but for those you care about and influence.