This study teaches us that the bible can be trusted as the word of God and has the power to completely transform our lives.  Read the passages below and spend time reflecting on the questions.  When you’ve completed this bible study it’s time to meet up with your bible study partner and go over what you’ve learned this week.

Hebrews 4:12-13

Read Hebrews 4:12-13 and reflect on these questions:

What does it mean that the word is living and active?

How has it been alive and active in your life?  How could it be more active?

How is God’s word like a sharp sword?

Everything will be laid bare before God and we will be judged by his word.
What does that say about the importance of regularly reading the bible?


2 Timothy 3:16-17

What does it mean that “all scripture is breathed out by God”?

Do you believe that the bible is God’s perfect, inspired word? (2 Peter 1:20)  Why or why not? Is anything difficult to believe?

How could you use the bible for “teaching, reproof, correcting, and training
in righteousness”?

How could devotion to God’s Word make you ready for anything?


1 Timothy 4:16

Why should we keep a close watch on both ourselves (the way we live) and our teaching (what we believe)?  Is one more important than the other?

Can you think of an example of someone with a good life but wrong
doctrine? Is that a saving faith?

Also think of someone with the right doctrine who doesn’t live it out. Will
they save themselves and their hearers?

Why do you think keeping life and belief in check requires perseverance and a
close watch?

Do you know if your life is in line with God’s word?  What about your
beliefs?  How can you become more certain?


John 8:30-32

Who is Jesus talking to? Is belief enough or is the bible’s standard something

To truly be his disciples and experience freedom (salvation) what are we to
do? (James 1:22)

What are some practices that would help you “abide in his word”?


John 12:47-48

In the end, by what standard will we be judged?

If you got to see a copy of the test before a big exam what would you do?

Do you believe that God’s word is essential in our lives and for salvation?


Take some time to think and pray through about the following questions and write out your responses so you can share them with your bible study partner:

Will you make God’s Word the standard for your life?  What does that mean to you?

What changes will you need to make? What will be challenging about having
the bible as your only standard? What will be awesome?

Ask your bible study partner to get you started on a daily bible study and
prayer plan so you can be a Berean! (Acts 17:11) Getting to know Jesus in the
gospel of Mark or John is a great place to start!

Be sure to meet up with your bible study partner before you move on to Week 2 which is all about Jesus!